Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Diversity Within Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Diversity Within Organizations - Essay Example So this paper is aimed at finding valid answers to many different questions about diversity in the work settings. Globalization is fostering a world of diversity, and this trend presents challenges as opportunities. It is better to be well informed in this area of knowledge in order to make the best decisions when dealing with workplace diversity. Managing diversity within organizations requires tremendous efforts since managing uniformity is relatively easier. There are many tangible benefits of managing diversity in a business world that requires it. More and more diversity is becoming more important due to the globalization process and the diversity in the marketplace of products and services that are aimed at a diverse audience. Hickman (n.d.) stresses that managing diversity is "more challenging, expensive, time consuming, demanding, stressful, and prone to fail". But it is a necessary task to tackle this challenge of managing workplace diversity. Even though uniformity is easier to manage, it has some important drawbacks as Hickman remarks: "an abundance of research and experience shows that organizations and work environments with high levels of required uniformity inevitably stifle creativity and innovation, retard initiative-taking, prevent widespread accountability for results, limit freedom to expand and create value, and weaken individual motivation, commitment and fulfillment." (Hickman, n.d.). On the other hand, a diverse organization can be much more creative and competitive when it is manager through a unified vision. According to Hickman, "Diversity must be carefully and constantly nurtured, because creating an organization is a lot like leveling ground. Both activities create new space where the initial staffing or first species will attempt to dominate and control diversity. The very act of establishing and staffing an organization begins a process of limiting diversity, unless diversity is genuinely valued and vigilantly nurtured." (Hickman, n.d.). So it is extremely important to nurture diversity in order to achieve the desired results of meeting the needs of a diverse marketplace, especially in the context of global markets. 2.- Importance of Workplace Diversity. Technological advances have permitted that many companies can have an international presence, and at the same time this means that new work environments are created with a diverse workforce in those nations. Human Resource departments shouldn't be biased according to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical abilities, or nationality. According to (n.d.) "The only apparatus of judgment should be educational background, work experience and expertise. Differences may prevail on an interpersonal level due to inequality in personalities, work styles, communication styles, and organizational skills." Diversity policies should be implemented in an effective and meaningful way in the work environments. An obvious importance of such policies it that it creates synergy among its employees. So creativity can be fostered in a more intelligent and efficacious manner. states that "The end result of such diversity is a working environment that is inclusive. It is important for the HR

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