Monday, November 18, 2019

Academic Integrity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Academic Integrity - Assignment Example Integrity also affects a person’s success in public life. People get more inclined to people whose integrity is not questionable. People with clear integrity records have a more positive public perception and thus command respect from the people and have a high chance of getting into leadership positions. In contrast, people with questionable integrity receive a negate perception and are always reprimanded by the public. An example is the public outrage after the revelations that doctors cheated in their examinations.MSU has a clear policy on academic integrity and outlines the condition that warrant a violation of academic integrity. The University acknowledges that loss of integrity in education is costly to individuals and society as whole ( The society loses by absorbing graduates who are not credible and have not fulfilled the academic requirements. Such graduates are low on expertise and may not be competent enough to handle crucial aspects suck as health. Cheat ing in an examination that determine the competency of individuals is a loss to the society. The result is incompetence and low quality of services.MSU philosophy encourages creativity, research and scholarship (Michigan State University, â€Å"Our Philosophy†). It is worth noting that research gaps are easily identified when a student has a thorough understanding of the existing literature. Cheating thus deprives the society of new insights that may solve existing problems. Such a study is of benefit to the society.

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